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5 Apps That Improve Your Quality of Life - And Their Best Features

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Dashlane allows you to convert your very secure passwords meticulously written on a notepad into digital form, allowing you to access your passwords anywhere you are. There are free and paid account options.

With the paid account you're able to access your app on more than one device which means you can have a password manager installed on your phone as well as on your laptop, giving you the ability to sync your passwords across multiple devices.

Dashlane also has a lot of other great features such as dark web monitoring where they will scan the dark web and let you know if any of your passwords have been compromised outside of Dashlane.

2) Venmo -

Venmo is a peer-to-peer payment platform that allows you to plug in credit card information and bank information (if you so choose) and send payments to people for free. This is great for settling restaurant bills, paying people back for the shirt they bought you

and of course, buying rare turtles on the black market*.

Venmo is very convenient and I would say it's secure. It's a subsidiary of PayPal, a large publicly traded company. Millions and millions of people across the world use Venmo to

send and receive money. You have the option to connect your bank account and you're able to receive money that people send you and deposit it directly into your bank.

Again, is Venmo safe? Honestly, the most dangerous thing is if you leave the app on

your phone open, and you leave your phone unlocked and someone gains access to your phone and opens up your app, and sends themself money.

In terms of it being hacked or in terms of some nefarious ne'er-do-well well getting into your Venmo it's very unlikely. Just choose a good password and don't leave your phone unlocked. The most egregious abuse of Venmo occurs when people ask for other people's phone numbers at a bar and then open up the Venmo on the other person's phone and themself money... it is a sad world that we live in...

I know many of you may have apple products and you use their proprietary photo software. If you're paying for a lot of storage with apple and if you're using iCloud with success then you can use the photos app with apple and it has a lot of similar features as Google Photos.

My favorite feature of google photos is your ability to share photos/videos and albums of photos and videos with anybody by simply creating a link. Let's say you film a five-minute-long video in high definition. Simply go home connect to your wi-fi, and make sure that the video is backed up to Google Photos.

Once it's backed up you create a link, copy that link, and share the link with whoever you want to send the video to. The link exists on the Google cloud (Google Drive) and that person can not only watch the video but they can download it for themselves if they want to keep it.

4) Google Maps - Google Maps Best Features

Check out some of these ways you can use google maps to improve your quality of life.

First of all, you can change the time to see the most accurate results of your travel. So let's say you want to see what six o'clock rush hour traffic is like in LA. Is it heavy? Is it light? You

can go to that time of the day, you can plug in your navigation and Google Maps will aggregate the average traffic density of that time on that road and will tell you a readout of an estimated time that that trip will take you.

You can also keep lists of your favorite places.

This is one of my favorite features of Google Maps. If I have a restaurant someone tells me about in a conversation, instead of me taking a note in the notebook and hoping I find it 'one day', I go right to my Google Maps, I search for that restaurant, I save it as "want to go" and then anytime I'm in that area I just pull up my map and I see that there is a green "want to go" flag. Now my search for a good restaurant to try for dinner is over.

Google Maps is also a great tool for saving your parking. It helps you to remember exactly where you parked when you save the location of your car... so if you go out for a big adventure in the city and you get turned around this will allow you to navigate back to your car and drive home.

Spotify has a lot of great features, one of which is similar to Pandora: creating a radio based on a song that you like. If you have a song that you enjoy and you want to listen to that kind/genre of music all night long, you just go to that song's radio; an option on the song's menu. Here you are given a playlist populated purely off the qualities of that song.

You're also able to download the songs offline and store them on your device so that you can listen to songs on an airplane. Spotify has podcasts and also is integrating video into its platform. It allows you to create playlists and share those playlists.

It's intelligent and it will create playlists for you based on your listening patterns, suggesting music, and helping you discover music that you might not have ever discovered. It opens your horizons to new artists and obscure songs from the past you might never have known


Cheers to your technologically enhanced journey!

Joshua - Boomer Tech Help


*I'm kidding

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