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"In a world that is becoming digital, staying tech-literate isn't an option—it's a necessity.

From older adults navigating daily life to businesses interfacing with changing customer needs, missing the tech train isn't just inconvenient—it's a roadblock to thriving.


Don't let the digital divide widen—embrace the future, understand the tools, and transform your relationship with the digital world at your fingertips.



"Traditional tech support often focuses solely on quick fixes, neglecting to address the root causes of tech issues."

Tech problems often stem from a lack of digital literacy, flawed digital systems, and the likelihood of future problems arising due to these unaddressed issues.

Our Approach to the Problem:


We offer tailored tech support and education, matching our client's goals with the latest digital tools. We don't just fix problems - we dig deeper to address their root causes, building digital literacy and promoting systems that serve our client's best interests so they can free up their time to focus on what's most important.

Joshua Mesnik

Founder - Trusted Tech Advisor

Recognizing a significant need for digital tech literacy among older adults, Joshua created Boomer Tech Help, designed to assist individuals of all levels of digital literacy with their tech-related challenges. With his boomer parents and their friends in mind, he drew upon his extensive experience as an educator and a tech enthusiast to help positively transform his clients' relationship with technology.


His passion for teaching, combined with his experience in developing and facilitating integrative public education programs with The QUESTion Project, has equipped him to help individuals and businesses develop digital literacy and gain access to the technology solutions that best suits their needs.


Noticing the challenges seasoned business owners face in today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, Joshua started Wise On Tech, a venture dedicated to helping onboard individuals and businesses into the new generation of digital tools available for personal growth, connection, health, creativity, and abundance.


Joshua Mesnik

Founder - Trusted Tech Advisor


Joshua's Story

About Joshua

Joshua graduated from Florida State University with a degree in Advertising & Communication. While pursuing a job in an ad agency, he changed gears and studied anthropology in Ecuador, living with an indigenous community on the edge of the rainforest.

Mesnicks_Famiy_Shoot (29 of 49).jpg

The experience reset his digestive tract and opened his eyes to new worldviews, deepening his curiosity about life. Shortly after, he partnered with a non-profit organization, Open Future Institute, and piloted their innovative education program, The QUESTion Project, with students at his University. 


After developing the curriculum with his colleagues, the QUESTion Project was invited to be taught as an elective course at a public high school in the Bronx, New York. Joshua moved to NYC to continue building the organization and facilitating the QUESTion Project with students and teachers in NYC and beyond. The project has now been taught to over 12,000 students across NYC and LA.


When opportunities mounted, he moved to LA to continue his career as a filmmaker, and since then he has stumbled his way in high-heels through a musical, led an improv workshop for corporate professionals in a leopard onesie, sprinted through WWI trenches while mortars and mustard gas exploded all around him (on HBO's 'Perry Mason'), and flung hula hoops at bad guys while starring in his film, Hula Hoop Boy which he also wrote and directed. (Winner of multiple awards, including Best Action Short - Independent Shorts Awards).

He has also dove head first into the Web3 (blockchain-empowered internet) and ai technology rabbit hole. He was an analyst with DefiBoost (a crypto marketing company) and is currently working with public school administrators to find a way forward during these unprecedented times of technological innovation, where every student has access to a super-intelligent ai assistant.

Joshua's Credentials


  • Bachelor's Degree - Florida State University (Advertising) 

  • Innovator in Education

    • Member of the founding team that built a non-profit education program ("The QUESTion Project") now in over 10 schools serving thousands of high-school students -

  • Technology Analyst - DefiBoost

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