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AI Wisely 

Empowering individuals and organizations with transformative AI tools for their daily workflow and projects

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Bring Your VISION To LIFE with the help of AI TOOLS

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AI Coaching


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AI Strategy 


AI Education

Providing ongoing guidance to ensure clients are getting the most out of their AI tools, troubleshooting issues, and continuously improving  performance. 

Recommending the right AI tools for each client's needs and helping them integrate those tools into their projects and workflows. 

Working with clients to identify areas where AI can drive the most impact for their goals and developing an actionable roadmap for AI tool adoption.

Helping clients understand AI fundamentals such as prompting, key concepts, capabilities and limitations. Demystifying AI.

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Integrate leading-edge technologies into your life and business.

AI TechBoost Business Accelerator


Includes Free Upgrade Guide!

Leverage the Latest in AI and Exponential Technology

Susan P. -
Asheville, NC:

"Having Josh solve your IT problems is more like having a visit with him and when the visit is over so are your computer issues! He solved a problem that had been plaguing my husband and me for several years and the experience was actually enjoyable!"

Christel F. -
Los Angeles, CA:

"No matter where you are in your tech journey, Joshua will be able to help you."

Francesca R. -
New York, NY:

I've never liked Facebook, but I wanted to use it to connect with a group. You really helped me understand how to navigate it, and how to use messenger, and I was able to arrange a hiking trip to the Catskills with my friends! A total success story! 

Client Testimonials

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